Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Final Push

Three days to go and two big races left. The trip so far has been great, we have both gotten great results and have been racing our bodies into the ground. This trip is seriously like a cyclocross stage race, 7 races in two weeks is nothing to laugh at especially when your racing the worlds best compition. I'v been trying my best to recover on our off days but I can definitely feel the fautige building up after every race, but now is the time to put it all on the table and go out with a bang whether the legs hold up or not over, the next two races will be interesting to see, but if I can stay at the level I'm racing at currently I'll be very happy.
Tomorrow, the race is in Baal the home town of Sven Nys. This race is appropriately named the Gran Prix of Sven Nys; and I get to race him at HIS race as I'm doing the elite race, so its going to be sweet lining up BEHIND the greats of the sport. They have all been racing just as much as we have so hopefully they won't be firing on all cylinders. After that race we will end it with Sint Niklaas a local race which usually pulls in plenty of fast guys so it should be a blast.

I'll let you guys now how 2009 feels since were 9 hours ahead!

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