Saturday, November 26, 2011

Race Day

Saturday, 6:00am,
Making Breakfast, Making post race sandwiches, Preparing bottles, Packing clothes
Cold, Rainy, Belgium...
We are off to the races.

A little pre-ride of the course shows that not much has really changed. There is still plenty of sand and if anything it has become harder to ride than when we rode out there yesterday. The course layout flyer was quick to point out the fact that there was only 500m of pavement and 1200m of sand with some grass sections along the way. That's a large chunk of running... and those who know, know how much I hate running. I think it's time to change that thought!!

The race started out well, moved into the top 30 through the first sections and then at the base of one of the fly-overs there was a large pile-up that I was caught behind. I was feeling comfortable on the shorter sand climbs that I was able to ride while others weren't. The only problem is that I would find myself running into the back of them as they jumped off and then I would get stalled out...

I ended up catching a few and getting dropped by a few, others were dropping like flies, while I just tried to settle in. I ended up 52nd. It was a serious learning experience. I know what I have to do to be ready come January, both in training and how to read the race and how to tackle the race. Where to go hard and where to conserve. Oh, and I have a new outlook on all of the minute sandpits in the US races(not a dis but just a realization).

Friday, November 25, 2011


It's 2011 and we're back, across the great Atlantic Ocean, in the little country they call Belgium. back to do a little bit of riding around in circles and we are here for only 72 hours. Wait, what???
Yeah thats right we are hear for a short 3 day trip and it is already the end of Day 1. The best part, is that I made this trip with all of luggage and everything accounted for. Winning!!! On Saturay we are racing the World Cup in Koksijde. The source is full of sand, and more sand and some more sand. It won't be like anything I have ever raced before.

This trip I'm the lone Cal Giant'r, but I have a few of my USA teammates. I'm over here with Drew Dillman (Junior), Luke Keough (U23) and Katie Antonneau (Elite Women). It's an easy crew and so far it has been fun. Tomorrow we are going to be out at the course to get a feel for it and learn to the ride sand just a little bit more! Stay tuned because there is plenty to come!!
Kid Kaiser