Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cyclo-Cross Worlds Coverage

So this Saturday I want all of you to go to www.universalsports.com and watch Cross Worlds. I'll be the one rockin the pimp suit (USA skinsuit). And then once that is all over, get a good nights sleep, click on that link again and watch the Elite Men and Elite Women battle it out for the title. Meredith Miller will be in the Women's race. Should be fun. Check it out and kept following on the way to worlds. We leave tomorrow afternoon after a morning training ride. Today there wasn't much going on.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Podium Insight Article

Podium Insight wrote a sweet article on my past season. Pretty cool.

Load Em' Up

Today was a good recovery day after the World Cup yesterday. A couple of us rode out to the Ardooy forest ad ripped some trails and then spun back. It helped me unwind after yesterday. Once we got back I went to business packing my bags for the trip up to Tabor. I don't leave until Wednesday afternoon but there is a van full of bikes and gear leaving tomorrow morning so all of the non-essential stuff had to go. So one bike is loaded and the second will go on Wednesday morning. We are almost there. This the finishing touch on the bikes before Worlds. Representing the U.S.A. beyotch.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well That Sucked...

Today was a little more than frustrating. it was the last World Cup of the series and the last race before Worlds. Today the race was in Hoogerheide, Holland. I had been training all week to prepare myself specifically for this race for a couple of reasons. One, I needed a bit of a confidence booster after the race in Roubaix. I needed to make sure that I still had it. Two because it was the last race before Worlds and I wanted to see how I could stand up against these euro guys. And finally I wanted to test my warm-up routine for Worlds. So I had an awesome warm-up I felt great the last night and even better this morning. Got to the race and the course couldn't have fit my style any better. The Warm-Up went good, got to the line and was able to move up into the second row. Light goes green got to the first corner in the top 20 and then in the second straight I get caught up in a crash with about 5 guys and I hit the deck. Grab my bike and the handlebars are crooked, no big deal, just pit. So i jump on my "B" bike and the rear tire is so low that I almost rolled it. Come around on the second half of the lap and come into the pit and my "A" bike is still being cleaned. So there is one full lap of a super low rear tire. Come back in on lap two and my "A" bike ready but the handlebar are still crooked. At this point there is no reason to come back through the pit again and have something else be wrong. So I just rode the whole race on a bike with a crooked handlebar. Chased from as far back as I could have been and ended up finishing one spot out of the top 40. A terrible race for me. I felt great but everything went wrong.
So on a positive note, I am looking forward to Worlds and hopeful a clean race for me. I would really like to end the season with something positive. Alright, 6 days and counting, keep following. Thanks for the support.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Today was downpour all day so I decided to keep it clean and dry. Rode the rollers as my ride today. Had a really good time trying all of this different tricks, more like gimmicks on them. I rode no hands, no hands with one foot, bunny-hoped off and then back on. I tried to wheelie but that didn't work. Anyways, we have the World Cup in Hoogerheide, Holland tomorrow and a bright and early 5:30 wake up call. God, I feel like I am back at home waking up to ride in Auburn with the guys. Man I am stoked for tomorrow's race. So everything on the bikes are dialed and I am STOKED!! BRAAAPP

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Today is a once in a lifetime opportunity in Belgium, but it may have happened once before. The sun is shining in beautiful Belgium and there was no early morning wake up call. Wow I can't believe these two things have happened, let alone in the same day. WOW

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Urban Assualt

Playing around with iMovie and starting to get the hang of it. Check it out.

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Bikes hang dry after being washed
The washing station at the house
Good, hot, fresh Belgian Waffle

World Cup #7 Roubaix

The Famous Roubaix Velodrome
The strip of cobbles that ever ride crosses to enter the track during Paris-Roubaix.

Pit Row, each pit spot is picked in order of nation.

Jersey Shore

So, there is this show on MTV that has got to be on the top of the list of funniest shows of the year. Jersey Shore Basically it is a bunch of meat-head Guidos who go to Jersey for summer and have an entire house to themselves. In a one hour show I don't think I have laughed so hard in my life, consistently. It is the best way to pass the down time here is Izegem. The characters, (all names need to be pronounced with a New Yorker accent) DJ Pauly D., Mike "The Situation", Ronnie, and Vinny. The girls, Nicole "Snookis", Angelina, Jenni aka. "J-Woww"with three w's and Sammi "Sweetheart". Just watch a little clip and you'll be hooked on it, especially when you in Belgium. I will also post some pictures of things happening around here.
Thanks for following.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Make it Rain

When we are bored and its raining. He's what we do.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kiss the Cobbles

Well today was an awesome race in a historic arena or velodrome. Todays race was at the Roubaix Velodrome. The same velodrome that Paris-Roubaix finishes on. The course was ridiculous, super hard and super technical. There were two downhills that were crazy muddy and were ridable but were faster to run down. I ended up struggling my way to 37th. It was a good race but some things went wrong. I am glad to have the first race jitters out of the way. in the words of Jay-Z "Onto The Next One"

Yesterday 4 of us went for a ride in the rain and well that was not worth it. I started out on the rollers and then decided to go out and then decided that it wasn't. It was raining so hard that it even soaked through a rain jacket. Plus the awful smell and things picking up from the road that smell, all of it made a good combination. Well that is about all that is happening in Izegem, wow, not much.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

So landed in the lovely country of Belgium about 3 hours ago and lets just say it is depressing. The airport was so slow I didn't know what to do. The monotone sound of the luggage carrousels turning was enough to drive you insane and then add the fact that no one was there made it even worse. But I am here after a quick pit-stop in London Heathrow. That airport is so sweet. They has the sickest soccer/shoe store ever. I am definitely go back on the return flight. Time to make some dinner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here We Go Again

Okay, so this is the first post since last year at camp as well as the first post for the 2010 trip. This time it is myself and Meredith Miller going.
This morning was a bright (it was actually pitch dark) and early 5:00 wake up call to head out to the airport. Flew on Southwest form Sacramento down to L.A. and then out to Denver. Picked up my bags from domestic baggage claim and headed over to the British Airways ticket counter. No one there for check in yet so I am sitting have an alright burrito bowl and waiting for Meredith to show up. Traveling alone kind of sucks. So this weekend is the second to last World Cup in Roubaix, France. Should be cool, get to see the actual Roubaix velodrome. The following weekend is the last World Cup in Hoogerheide, Netherlands and then it's off to Prague for Worlds. This is the first of many for the trip so keep following.