Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well That Sucked...

Today was a little more than frustrating. it was the last World Cup of the series and the last race before Worlds. Today the race was in Hoogerheide, Holland. I had been training all week to prepare myself specifically for this race for a couple of reasons. One, I needed a bit of a confidence booster after the race in Roubaix. I needed to make sure that I still had it. Two because it was the last race before Worlds and I wanted to see how I could stand up against these euro guys. And finally I wanted to test my warm-up routine for Worlds. So I had an awesome warm-up I felt great the last night and even better this morning. Got to the race and the course couldn't have fit my style any better. The Warm-Up went good, got to the line and was able to move up into the second row. Light goes green got to the first corner in the top 20 and then in the second straight I get caught up in a crash with about 5 guys and I hit the deck. Grab my bike and the handlebars are crooked, no big deal, just pit. So i jump on my "B" bike and the rear tire is so low that I almost rolled it. Come around on the second half of the lap and come into the pit and my "A" bike is still being cleaned. So there is one full lap of a super low rear tire. Come back in on lap two and my "A" bike ready but the handlebar are still crooked. At this point there is no reason to come back through the pit again and have something else be wrong. So I just rode the whole race on a bike with a crooked handlebar. Chased from as far back as I could have been and ended up finishing one spot out of the top 40. A terrible race for me. I felt great but everything went wrong.
So on a positive note, I am looking forward to Worlds and hopeful a clean race for me. I would really like to end the season with something positive. Alright, 6 days and counting, keep following. Thanks for the support.


  1. Looks like you are far & away the best U.S. Jr. competeing in Europe, so keep you're chin up and knock 'em dead next weekend!

  2. Hey Cody-

    Look at it this way: you got the bad race out of the system today. Now you can focus on having a good, clean race at Worlds. Hang in there!


  3. Cody,

    you have a great attitude and perspective man.... Keep your head up and lay those euros down next weekend. All of us back here are proud of you no matter what.

  4. Cody;
    Hang tough, you can do it. Remember "Team Kaiser" is on its way to Prague. See you then.
    Nan & Pop

  5. head up cody. sandy and i a very proud and believe in you. now relax and do what you do. you are going to do matter what!


  6. Hey Cody , frustrating stuff for sure , but a little bit out of your control as far as crashes etc. but look ahead and read the group/traffic/bottle-necks in the up coming race...the good thing is, you feel your fitness !!! you've got good legs...who ever is doing bike prep & pit needs to be alert, very fixable things?right! So work on those details getting ironed out this week...tire presure is key to a good race, make sure it's dialed by you and pit person.
    Like someone already mentioned , maybe this was the bad race already out of the way , and most important!!! with stuff that needed to be fixed.
    You are already a great young racer , you have a good head on your shoulders , you know what works for you do all those things , stay calm , and have a great race. We'll all be rooting for you here back home...
    Cheers & Good Luck , John Brown @ Family Cycling Center