Sunday, January 4, 2009

Over and Out

Euro cross camp six has come to a close, Cody and myself are safely back home in Cali after a long 24 hour day starting in Brussels at 6 and arriving at home around 10.
Camp was an absolute succes for both of us, with no major mechanicals, ingeries, or illnesses, not much could have gone better. We ended the trip Friday in the GP st Niklass, were we finnaly got a small tast of some Belgian mud, Cody was able to put a good cap to the trip as he was able to capitalize on his competitors mistakes and get a well deserved second place on the day, while I started in the Eliet mens field lined up with many of the cross super starts like Albert, Wellens, Al, and all the top US guys, in total we had 13 US guys on the line it was a pretty cool thing to see and take part in, some highlites to my race included passing Driscoll, Powers and Thijs Al (Zolder WC winner) on the first lap and finishing as second U-23 behind Summerhill. It really was a grat way to end the camp for both of us.
All in all, this has been a great experiance for the both of us, the racing, the new friends, all of it was a blast, thanks to everyone who made this trip possibal and help get us that much closer to our overall goals.

Thanks for reading till next year,
Jeremy Ferguson

Friday, January 2, 2009

Home Stretch

We are finally on the home stretch. Today is our last race, and after that we get to go out to dinner with the team and staff. The camp is almost over. It definitely sucks to see it come to a close, but its nice to be heading home. Will update after the race today, and will hopefully have some pictures.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HomeTown Champs

So today was the GVA race in baal hometown of Nys, Niels Albert, and another fast u-23 fidea guys, the reality is that this town is like a mile wide and probably only holds 100 people, but some how houses some of the best cross talent in the world. Maybe its the tap water, maybe its the local training grounds, whatever it is i need to move over here cuz i want some of that magic. And yes the local boys dominated today all of them were in the top 3. crazy

Hitting the Washboard

I forgot to write about yesterdays race in Loenhout, where there is the famous washboard. It is a section of rhythm bumps that you have to pump to get over. That is the only way to do it. Like a pump track, but only bigger. The course also had a few sections of jumps, and three fly-overs. I got to a great start from the second row, but had some trouble on the solid ice course. The first few lap were going well and I was catching the group in front of me, but over a lap or so, i wasn't catching them, so I started to push it a little harder than normal. I ended up falling twice with  laps to go. It was rough for me, but I still finished well at 34th.

Second to Last Race

Today was the second to last day of racing for us. The race was in Sven Nys' home town of Baal and it was the Gran Prix of Sven Nys. It was a really fun race with a few technical sections and quite a bit of power riding. The course seemed to have a little bit of everything. One of the coolest things was this section where you came out of the pit, and up a long section of stairs, up a fly-over and down a long section of downhill. It was really cool because if you could handle your bike, you could rip down it. Today I finished 14th. My best result in a major race over here, 'cross the pond. It was also nice because the officials got the points right and put me on the front row with Zach McDonald from the camp as well. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures today, but our camp photographer Mario has some awesome pics under the cyclocross section of his website.
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