Thursday, January 1, 2009

Second to Last Race

Today was the second to last day of racing for us. The race was in Sven Nys' home town of Baal and it was the Gran Prix of Sven Nys. It was a really fun race with a few technical sections and quite a bit of power riding. The course seemed to have a little bit of everything. One of the coolest things was this section where you came out of the pit, and up a long section of stairs, up a fly-over and down a long section of downhill. It was really cool because if you could handle your bike, you could rip down it. Today I finished 14th. My best result in a major race over here, 'cross the pond. It was also nice because the officials got the points right and put me on the front row with Zach McDonald from the camp as well. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures today, but our camp photographer Mario has some awesome pics under the cyclocross section of his website.
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  1. Great result today Cody! I saw your mom yesterday at Costco. She is very excited and proud of you as you would expect. Have a great last race and safe flight back.