Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ice in Diegem

Yesterday's race in Diegem was an awesome race to both watch and race in. It was in this major city center where there was a lot of things going on around the race. We were going by flower shops and clothing places and all different kinds of stores around this little area. A large section of the course was around these two big, really nice soccer fields. Some of the nicest I have ever seen. 

The officials kind of screwed us on the start. They reversed the order in which we were called up to the line. All of the slower guys from our team at the front and the fast guys getting called up last. There was most likely a bit of favoritism going on with the Belgians wanting there own to win. But that was the way it went, and I ended up finishing 29th. Which was much better than where I started. So that was good considering the only place you can go is up, when you start at the back. It is always a positive thing. The course had a handful of cool items that were put in place just for the race.This sloped bridge came off of the finishing straight down towards the lower part of the course. It was difficult because it was all icy. The course was really technical as well because the ground was frozen solid everywhere. It was a really fun course. It is amazing how the courses over here have all been really fun. We have good courses and bad courses at home, but these courses are all good. It is really cool.

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