Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nice and COLD

Okay, so how I said earlier "It might be a nice day". Sort of but not really. Jeremy and I went out by ourselves to find some of the trails on the opposite side of the canal and it was so cold, our faces went numb. We started out with 2 thermal layers and extra gloves and we were still cold. Even though it was cold we found some fun trails in the woods near Inglemunster. I really like the name of that town, it just sounds cool. It tuned out to be a nice day, with some sweet riding. 


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  2. Cody;
    We really enjoy your comments, keep them comi

    Nan & Pop

  3. Cody;

    W enjoy your comments, keep them coming. Is that you in the photo.

    Nan 7 Pop

  4. Good luck in the upcoming races. Stay warm, you are not missing anything here, we have not seen much sun either.
    Todd and Patty