Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Racing on Ice

Today was the Louenhout cross race, part of the GVA series, so the fields sizes were huge and the spectator turnout was just as big. My race was at 12:00 after the juniors and there was a 110 riders in the field with myself in the back row. Slowly worked my way up as Noel put it, "like a Diesel" slowly picking guys off, overall most of us had a good ride here in the icy conditions, almost every turn had to be taken with caution as some were just covered in ice sheets. This race also had the sweet woop-de-dos which the Amaricans seemed to accel at. Once my race was over I got my jacket from Els and saw the seas of people part as Nys road through on his way to a practice lap so I jumped on his wheel for a lap just so I could say I road with Sven Nys. Ya


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