Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Today is the Eve of Christmas, and I have to say it sucks to be away from family. It is not fun. But other than that we had a "santa" come to dinner tonight. Els got everything all dialed with a turkey dinner and a nice set of appetizers. Then santa showed up, and it was really funny because when he showed up he was smoking a "cig" which I was unaware that santa did. I figured it was strictly milk and cookies. We had some laughs. Prior to that we went to the Flanders Museum, as Jeremy said. It was really funny because this one kid who we call "Kentucky" (Andrew Llewelyn) choked out Tom Bonnen today at the museum. I think he has something against dopers. You just look at the picture and it makes you laugh. Check it out.
Then we found this cool machine where it simulated riding on the cobbles, and Jeremy had to take it for a spin. He was charging. other than that it was pretty plain. We are all just gearing up for the World Cup on Friday. We got out USA skinsuits today, and we are stoked.

It was a good day to get out and have some fun. 
So for now "Good night to all, and too all a good night!" 
See you tomorrow
Merry Christmas

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  1. Cody,

    Thanks for the Strawberries! They are awesome, hope you have a good Holiday and we all miss you.

    Jeff Funk