Friday, December 26, 2008

Zolder World Cup

Today we had the world cup in Zolder, on the formula one track Circuit-Zolder. We had an early rising of 5 o'clock am, and were off and running by 6 for about a two hour drive from the little town of Izegem. We got there and immediately went out for a pre-ride to see how the course was. Super technical, but really fun. This was definitely the most technically difficult race I have ever seen. But on the flip side of things, he course was truly for the power racer, especially because the start/finish straight was a little more than 500 meters. As well as the rest of the course being really fast and dry with many long straights. 

The start was crazy because there was no officials on the straight. No whistle, no gun? The announcer said to call attention to the lights, and a traffic light started us. It was 2 reds, then yellow and green. It was really similar to formula one. Oh wait, we were on a formula one track, no wonder why. The start was crazy, guys bumping and yelling all over, and then it filed down into this tight 180 degree turn to the pit. And my position was set. Starting towards the back of the field, I really had no where to go but up. I got an okay start ad just kept motoring and moving my way up. I finished 34th. One of the coolest things about the races over here is the amount of elevation gain in the race. There were some crazy downhills, one really steep, really steep uphill. As you were running up it, you were looking right at it. The only way we could get up it, were from all of the footsteps in it. 

All in all, the race was awesome and it was the best race I have ever done. A super good experience. Not too many people can say they have done a World Cup Cyclo-Cross race.

(some pictures of the course are below, and stay tuned for race pics)

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