Monday, December 22, 2008

Cruzin' in Izegem

A few of the guys and I decided to go out for a little cruiser ride, and came across a little pump track/dirt jump area. We are all riding bikes that are from way before us and these things are the hooptiest things ever. We were all in a single file, and on the berm, my rear tide rolled off the rim, and now I am stranded. So I jumped on the back of nick's bike sitting on his rack. I had to carry my fifty pound bike on my shoulder, and about a ten minute ride back to the house. No fun but definitely some good times. (check out the video)

On another note, the races yesterday went awesome for the entire team. Chris was the best placed guy in the juniors race at 4th. Eric and I finished right next to each other at 6th and 8th, and Joe finished 9th, and Manny finishing 12th. Pretty respective for the first race of the trip. 

We don't have another race until Friday at the World Cup in Zolder. So we have some time to explore around the town.

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  1. Cody, congrats on the first race. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Keep enjoying the experience! Thank you for sharing it through the blog.