Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh What A Day(s)

So the travel day started out well and only went downhill from there. So my travel day started in Sacramento with a Southwest flight from Sacramento to Denver. From there I grabbed my bags and boarded a British Airways flight to London Heathrow. That was the easy part. Once I landed in London I got through Security by 9:20 and was supposed to board a flight to Brussels at 12:50. Then it started to snow, the flight was delayed until 1:35, then until 3:00, until 4:45, then until 6:00. We finally boarded the plane at 8:30. Since the plane was delayed so long and the airport was closed for so long that 60 planes had to be de-iced so we sat on the runway for two hours. I finally took off at 9:45 and arrived in Brussels by 11:00.
From there I go to the baggage area to claim my bags and I find out that all three of my bags have been lost somewhere between Denver and Brussels. Great, now the hour and a half drive to Izegem. I finally get to the house by 1:30am on Saturday and started on Thursday. Oh man what a day or two days or three days!

Keep following for some more funny stuff and hopefully good new on my bags.
This was the amount of snow in London Heathrow, Hardly anything.

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  1. err... race tomorrow, right? Still no bike? Do you just run those laps for an hour? ;-)