Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diegem Race Report

I started out the day by getting an update on my bags... they are on a flight that was supposed to show up last night and I was to be able to pick them up at the airport today. So I leave with Geoff early to go to the airport to get my bags prior to the race. I get to the airport, go through security and get to the baggage reclaim area and talk with the customer service agent at the baggage counter. "I am sorry sir you bags didn't make it onto the flight from London Heathrow last night." You killing me smalls... another day with no bags.
So I go to the race and get ready. The course is a big sheet of ice and hard packed snow. The course in Diegem in basically in downtown Brussels and through this little medieval part of town. It is the most urban race on the calendar and it has a large amount of climbing.
The race was a fast start that files down into a narrow downhill back road that opens up to a sheet of ice. Luckily there were no crashes; For me it was a ton of running from the back to get past as many riders as possible. I just found a rhythm and tried to catch as many riders as possible throughout the race. I was doing great for most of the race until two laps to go I came into a corner a little to hot and down I went. It was a light crash and a pretty quick recovery. I got up quickly and started running through the u-turn and then remounted and caught the group again. I ended up finishing 57th and on the lead lap which is good. That is my goal with all of the races over here. Just gain as much experience as possible.

Here is a link to the last two laps of the Elite Race, it gives you a good sample of the course and how fast these guys go.

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