Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On The Road Again

Yesterday was an interesting day. The three of us that don't have any bags decided that we would go to Brussels Airport to see if the bags we there and we just hadn't been contacted yet. In order to get there we had to take the vast belgian train system(not sarcastic), this thing is amazing how it all runs smoothly. We started in Izegem and slowly made our way to the airport. We got there and no bags...BUMMER!!!!!!! So we headed back and on the way home we went to the wrong train station and it was not the bestone to stop at... Quick take this train and Izegem is the second stop. So after being slightly worried about where we were everything got back on track.

Today, the Cal Giant / Specialized Rider Support was HOOKING IT UP and got me dialed with a box of goods and finally allowed me to get out and really ride. We had a little intrasquad scrimmage race and man it was fun. I am missing my BG Fit but it's all good. Man I have been super stoked all day. Thanks Again to everyone that made this happen and I am looking forward to getting to race!
Kid Kaiser

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