Monday, December 27, 2010

Zolder Race Report

This years World Cup in Zolder was indescribable. I honestly don't think I have come across a race that gave some many riders so much trouble. The course was ten times more challenging than the World Championships last year in Tabor, Czech Republic.

I started out by being the second to last call up and chasing all the way down the salted road start. In the first corner there was a big crash and was able to move up about 15 places and then had to run some a good amount of time and moved up a bit more then finally settled on the bike and was moving up. From there I just settled into a rhythm and tried to move up and catch as many guys as possible. I ended up finishing 35th which is respectable consider that I started at the back of about 60 guys. So I am definitely happy with the entire race and glad that I am getting better with riding in the snow. I think the other good part about the race is that I was probably one of the only ones who didn't go down. More to come with the race reports.
Kid Kaiser


  1. Cody,

    Good luck over there. Nice result from starting in the back. We are following you over here so keep up the good work and the blogs. Hope your bags finally arrive.
    Geoff McIntosh

  2. Good job on your races. It is cool to read you blog and look at the race photos.
    Brent- Team Revs