Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Tonight was Christmas Eve Dinner and I think they got the holidays mixed up because we had a full on Thanksgiving feast. It was nice to geteveryone out of the rooms and get to sit inthe living room/dining room. The staff bought everyone sodas so all of the riders were pretty happy. Once we were done having the christmas drink we sat down and had dinner.

The hot topic of discussion on the table was this Christmas Tree that Els had gotten from USA Cycling. Supposedly they received a package this past february and at the top of the box there was this tree sitting there and she thought it was some sort of joke... Ever since, the tree has been in the house and waiting for the Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to all back home. I really wish I was there with you guys because as far as this house is concerned it is December 26th. We basically just passed right over Christmas Day.

Tomorrow is a race in Beernem and then the World Cup in Zolder so keep watching for more updates.

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