Friday, December 31, 2010

What's That?

Today was a down day, a good day to relax and take a short break from this bike racing business. I woke up around 10 which was really nice. I grabbed some breakfast and went out for a little cruiser ride to the bike shop to grab some stuff before I head home. I went to the grocery stuff to get those awesome belgian sweets. You have got to have your Speculoos and Honey Waffles. Then I came back and busted out a nice game of Monopoly with some of the junior racers, then relaxed for a while and tried to find out exactly what is going on with my bags that are still in London.
You know, originally I had some hope to get my bags before I left but now that I am leaving in 31 hours from now, I really don't think my bags are going to ever reach Belgium. As of right now I am going to start hoping that I can find them in London while on my 5 hour layover or they just make their way back to the good ole' US of A.
I got one of my bikes packed up into the smallest box I could make it fit into. I stripped the entire bike down and got it into a frame box. Awesomeness!!
The next thing I know I hear the dinner scream and it's time for dinner and there is this interesting looking pan of what looks like beef stew but it looks more like chicken rather than beef... Uhm, What's that?
That would be Rabbit.
Yeah that's Rabbit...
Really, Rabbit??

So we had Rabbit for dinner and I had a nice ham and cheese sandwich.

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