Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Over The River and Through The Woods

This afternoon we had an awesome ride through a rather large forest just outside of Kalmthout near the Belgian/Netherlands Border. We meet up with a local coach Paul van Loon as well as Katie Compton and a few others and we rode some of the sweetest trails I have ever encountered in the Belgian Region. They can't compare to those in the States, but there were rippin' on a cross bike and had some really good flow to them. We ended up killing about 2.5 hours out there which made the day fly by.
We drove to the USA National house in Izegem later in the afternoon where we meet up with the rest of the team before we drive to Germany tomorrow morning. The days on this trip are flying by and I cannot wait to race Worlds on Saturday. This is when it really counts.
Thanks for following.

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