Friday, January 21, 2011

Smooth Sailing

I am back across the pond for round two of european racing. This trip will include one World Cup in Hoogerheide, Holland and the World Championships in Saint Wendel, Germany. The trip this time is a little different, for one, it's a short trip, over here for only eleven day and this time I am staying with my teammate Meredith Miller and Danny Summerhill in a house in Brecht. Usually Danny and I always stay at the USA National House in Izegem but we decided to try a new spin on Belgium.
The flight over was the best I have had and was one of the easiest even though I flew United which has the worst customer service available. I am curious if any of the employees even want to be there?? Since I have yet to receive my bags from the last incident I decided to pack as lightly as possible and just use a carry on. I still had to check my bikes but I was luckily enough to get those over here on the first round. The travel day started off great when the lady behind the ticket counter forgot to ask me to pay for the bag so I got my bikes on for free!!! The trip took me from Sac to Denver where I met up with Danny and Meredith and then onto Washington Dulles and then to Brussels.
I got into Brussels around 7:15 this morning and we had some running around to do. First we went to the house and pick up Meredith's bikes that she had left from the last trip. Then we headed over to the USA National house and pick up Danny's bike that he had left there and then up to Brecht which is about 1.5 hour drive from Izegem. We got in and went to the store to grab food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We cooked up a good dinner and hung out. Then I crashed and slept for about 11 hours!!
Alright the trip has begun, stay tuned for all the details of the trip.

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