Monday, January 3, 2011

Back Home

After a bit of time over seas and long day of travel I am very glad to be home. The travel day started at 3:45 am and got to Brussels airport. Checked in nice and easy and on my way to London again. I had a 5 hour layover so I decided to try and find my lost bag somewhere in Heathrow. I really thought I was going to be lucky and find it. But nothing, I found the same Oakley bag but in the smaller carry-on size and not mine. Bummer. So I found a nice bagel shop and sat down with my computer and watched the time pass. Next thing I know I am boarding the mothership, 777 airline and on a 10 hour plane flight to Denver. I got into Denver around 3 and had a quick turn around time to make a southwest flight at 6. The Southwest flight ended up being delay 40 minutes but nothing other than that and I'm on my way to Phoenix, then up to Sac o Tomatoes (Sacramento). All in all it was a 27 hour travel day and I was looking forward to getting a good night of sleep, that didn't happen. I went to bed around midnight and was wide awake bye 5 due to jet lag. Oh well, I am glad to be home and get back to everyday life. I am still keeping my fingers crossed on the worlds team selection. Let's hope we can go to Germany in a few weeks.
Thanks for following throughout the camp. I will post a bunch of assorted photos from throughout the trip today.

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