Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Countdown to Worlds

Yesterday was the typical Belgian, rainy day that you would think of. It was cold and windy and practically raining sideways. So all three of us decided to ride the rollers. It made it a bit more enjoyable to have company in the garage but at the same time they were still rollers and you were still staring at the same wall for an hour. At least it was an easy day for me which meant only an hour ride just spinning.
The countdown to worlds has official begun. Three Days until race day. Training today is going to be in the forest near Kalmthout with a local who has put together a little training course as well and Mark and Katie Compton. Then we will be driving to Izegem to stay overnight at the national house, because tomorrow morning we are up early and on our way to Germany. Today our team director, Anthony flies into Frankfurt and on Friday my dad is arriving in Frankfurt. They will both be heading down and meeting us in Saint Wendel before the racing begins. We are getting to the good part and this is going to be fun!

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