Sunday, January 2, 2011

Camp Is Over

I was a little bummed this morning when I boarded the 3:45 shuttle to the airport, man the camp is over. I had a blast this year. It has been different from previous years; the first year at camp I was a first year junior and wasn't really into being away from home, I was just trying to get through everyday, and counting down the days to get back in my comfort zone. Last year I didn't come to the camp, just the two world cups prior to the World Championships, and that was fun but a different experience and atmosphere at the house (smaller staff and smaller number of riders). This year I was the young gun in the U23 category but I was stoked to be there. I knew the run around of the house, how things worked and where to go and ride. I was still counting down the days to get home this year but not so much because I wasn't having fun, but more because I missed the fam and the daily living at home.
This year at the camp we saw every condition a race can be held in, snow, ice, mud, hard pack, oh but we didn't see any dust. I had so much fun, and staying hopeful on making the worlds team and continuing the season over in St. Wendel, Germany.

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