Friday, January 20, 2012

Europe Round Two

I am back in the Motherland of CX for the two biggest races of the year!! BELGIUM BABY...The first weekend is the World Cup Finale in Hoogerheide, Holland and next weekend in Koksijde, Belgium, the World Championships.

There was a bumpy start to the travel day when United Airlines decided they wanted to charge me $600 for my bike case...slow your roll there homey. "Well it's a bike so thats 200 and since it is over 70 lbs that an additional 400...but if you can get it below 70 it will only be 400 dollars." Your kidding me, WTF, so I stuff my shoes and some extra food into my backpack and get that bag down to 69.5 lbs. $400
Once I got past the ticket counter, the trip went smooth. No security line, a semi-full plane and most importantly the Dulles Airport Chipotle run.

Chicken Bowl, Brown Rice, No Beans, Fajitas, Corn, Light Sour Cream, Cheese and Guacamole!!
Next time your in there, get the Kid Kaiser Special, "it's delicious."

I hoped aboard the International Bus, grabbed the in-flight dinner, and was hoping to grab some shut eye. That didn't happen, so rather than tossing and turning the whole trip, I figured I would watch some good TV shows and read some awesome Magazines, thanks to the iPad.

This year we are staying near Antwerp, very close to the Dutch Border. It is within riding distance to the World Cup course and plenty of sand around the area to train for the Worlds course. Today was the day to get all of our ducks in a row. We got all the bikes dialed, was able to go ride out in the woods near by and get the groceries gathered so we have some good food.

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