Monday, January 23, 2012

Down To Business

Yesterday was the last round of the World Cup series in Hoogerheide, Holland. This year was the third year that I have returned to this Province for some bike racing. And this year was by far the hardest conditions I had raced. I think the right term for this mud is "tractor pull". The day started off with a little rain shower and slowly but surely became nicer. I got off to a good start from the fourth row and was filed into 40th or so off of the start stretch and into the mud. The mud seemed to get progressively thicker as you huffed and puffed through the first section. From there you punched it through the pits and hit a sweet descent into the tractor pull section. As soon as the descent ended the mud turned back on and the goal was to get as far as possible and then start running without losing any momentum. Lots of running...lots of running! It's amazing how there are no barriers or stairs or obstacles over here. There was a ridiculous steep run-up on course though. The courses are difficult enough that they don't need to add those in. I ended up finishing in 46th. Not Great, but not terrible... I just didn't have a great day.

I am already looking forward to having a better race next weekend at Worlds. I learned so much from the first trip over here for the World Cup in November. We have 4 more days of training and then the big day!!

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